Dessert Menu Sample

Dessert Menu Sample 2021-06-30T17:47:15+00:00

The menu is developed by taking in to consideration the ingredients that are available in the current season.

It might be something locally sourced or directly imported from Italy. The following is only a sample.




Cannoli V

Traditional Sicilian pastry filled with sweet organic ricotta, chocolate and crushed pistachios.

Cremoso al cioccolato V

Chocolate cremeux, dulce de leche, Maldon salt, toasted Virginia peanuts and vanilla ice cream.

Panna cotta

Calabrian licorice pannacotta, sesame brittle and chocolate shortbread crumble. 


A selection of artisan produced cheeses served biscuits and homemade chutney.

 Please note that in order to ensure better quality of food we have a limited menu.

 If you are vegetarian or vegan ask a member of staff for further options


10% of service will be added to your bill